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Our Future


We want to be the benchmark for economic development in Nigeria and ultimately Africa the next 10 years

Our Benchmark

- Dubai
- Shangai
- Bahrain
- Singapore

It may seem ambitius, but we have started working to make it happen


Our Government's Priority


  • Create a peaceful and stable environment
  • Engage in providing an enabling environment for enterprise to thrive
  • Implement policies to diversify tthe economy from oil and gas dependency
  • Attract investment into higher "value-added" industries



Where We Are


We are practicing good governance, due diligence and ensuring citizenship compliance to civic and legal responsibilities

Construction of a modern Deep-Sea Port and Harbour facilities, Oil & Fisheries Terminals along the Atlantic Ocean shoreline to serve as a major import & export hub for West Africa

We are completing on-going project and have started initiating others that will enable us diversify our economy which is currently largely dependent on the petroleum industry

Plans are at an advanced stage to implement investors-friendly policies including one stop-shop investment centres, speedy access to land for development

Currently investing in human capital development, energy transport & otherinfrastructure
A key driver is the Delta State Integrated Development Programme


When You Think Delta State


  • See viable business opportunities
  • A virgin territory begging to be tapped
  • A young anf growing population with hight consumption potentials. at least 2millions people still active conumers
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